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Plagiarism is a major issue that affects both students and academics. Plagiarism may be intentional or accidental as there are a vast variety of forms. Some cultures don’t demand authentication through citing sources but a universal academic code of ethics requires some level of authenticity. Non-native English speaking people have a difficult time communicating complex technical information effectively that makes plagiarism more difficult to keep from. The digital age has made it easier for plagiarism to avoidsince scholars can quickly copy and copy information on the internet.

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Plagiarism has devastating consequences for both the perpetrator and the victim. perpetrator. There is a chance that you will be penalized by your professor if he or she discovers you have copied material from. It could also be removed from your dissertation in the event of being discovered to be guilty. Furthermore, it may cause you to lose your job. Plagiarized work can be discovered in the event that you don’t properly note the sources. You must avoid plagiarising and buy paper.